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What's In XP - Interview to Tosaka Hiroomi


『WHAT’s IN? XP』vol. 3

part 1 of 2


『B-PASS 11月号』- Out 9/27.

Special 38p for 三代目 J Soul Brothers only, make sure to buy it if you want it. Before it sold out like What’s In? (along with .txt and XP)

Happy 29th birthday, Kitayama Hiromitsu ⊂*`∀´⊃!

Although you seem to stop aging a long time ago, I’m happy that you still grow (mentally) into a finer and finer man. Please keep on being awesome, passionate, caring, funny, dorky, and inspiring next year and next year and next n years too. Your forever supporter ( ˘ ³˘)♥.

We love each other too much and these feelings we can’t tell anyone
Make us silent

We are not sinners.